We are grateful for our community of visionary entrepreneurs, co-investors, business partners, and staff for another memorable year. Let’s take a scroll down memory lane to reflect on our journey together.
Total Invested Capital in 2022
  • 96
    New and Follow-On Investments
  • 230
    Active Portfolio Companies
Liquidity Events
Congratulations to all the Norwest portfolio companies that announced significant liquidity events in 2022, including:
A World-Class NPS
From day one, we stand side by side with our companies. NPS is one way to measure how well we support them. Today, we’re proud to share that we scored top marks among Norwest CEOs.
Net Promoter Score
the Downturn
Economic downturns pass, but the disruptive businesses built during them endure. 2022 was Norwest’s latest opportunity to offer steady guidance to our portfolio and fund the next class of great companies.
01 A Return to Fundamentals
Macroeconomic trends triggered a market correction, bringing a sharp focus back to first principles.
OUT (2021)
  • Growth at all costs
  • Sky-high valuation multiples
  • High burn rates
IN (2022)
  • Capital-efficient growth
  • Realistic valuation expectations
  • Maintaining cash runway
02 Fortune Favors the Bold
Downturns are breeding grounds for disruptors and durable businesses—like those we funded in 2022.
03 The Time to Act Is Now
Business leaders across roles should prepare for the potentially challenging times ahead. Here's some guidance to help executives weather the storm.
Investing in diverse leaders
Investing is our most broad-reaching opportunity for fostering diversity—that’s why we back founders from traditionally underrepresented groups and funds that invest in them. Here are some of the changemakers we’re proud to have partnered with in 2022.
Company & Fund-to-Fund Investments
More to come in 2023!
8 Investor Insights for 2023

Our investors always have their fingers on the pulse of business trends across industries. Here’s what they expect to happen in the next 12 months.

Onward to 2023

We wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.